Brick  Dawgs

We are an organization that is helping Harrisonburg's citizens one trash can at a time.  We want to help Harrisonburg reduce food waste and liquids in our city trash.

In August of 2015, the City of Harrisonburg switched to a single stream trash collection system.  Now, Harrisonburg residents can put ALL of their recyclables and trash together in the same container.  It gets sent to a facility an hour away that sorts the trash from the recyclable material.  This is a better system because now, 100% of people are recycling.

​BUT, there is a PROBLEM:

When people put food waste or liquids in the trash, it makes it a lot harder for other things to be recycled.  It degrades and ruins some of the recyclable materials, especially newspapers or cardboard boxes, for example, and then they can’t be recycled anymore.
Also, food is 60% water, so this adds unnecessary weight and volume to the trash that the city has to collect and transport, which costs a lot more money.  

How can YOU help?  Watch our short video above to find out!!

For more information, check out the following links:

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PLEASE NOTE:  You should not put fats or grease into your garbage disposal or down the drain.  Please check with your local plumber or your garbage disposal manufacturer for more information.  The best way to deal with leftover gravy is to eat it (or compost it)!!